Benjamin Bruce

Benjamin Bruce

Alberta, Canada

Providing Sexual Healthcare and Support to Patients and Clients with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Benjamin Bruce (He/Him) is a Coordinator and Facilitator for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Centre for Sexuality in Treaty 7.

He is working with Centre for Sexuality on their Sexual and Reproductive Health Fund project, that aims to increase access to sexual and reproductive health information, resources, and care for underserved populations in Alberta. (Youth, 2SLGBTQ+, Indigenous youth and their communities, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their natural and professional supports.)

Program Description

Through the introductory-level online training module, “Providing Sexual Healthcare and Support to Patients and Clients with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities,” healthcare and support professionals from a variety of fields can increase their basic knowledge of the sexuality, sexual health, and sexual health rights of persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities (PIDDs) through an inclusive, affirming, and evidence-informed lens. They can also develop increased personal awareness of the attitudes, values, and beliefs related to the sexuality of, and sexual healthcare and support of PIDDs which may be impacting the services they provide. Simple, widely applicable practices and tools for delivering safer, more inclusive, and more appropriate sexual healthcare and support to PIDDs are introduced at the end of the module.

This online training module is an independent, self-paced learning experience. It was developed in partnership with multiple advisory committees, focus groups, and subject matter experts through funding provided by the Government of Canada’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Fund (Community Driven Population and Public Health Project). The module features the voices and experiences of PIDDs from the community. It includes interactive and scenario-based activities, space for personal reflection, informative videos, additional resources which expand on the material, and practical tools which can be immediately applied to work with patients and clients.

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