Kirby Brigden

Kirby Brigden


Saskatchewan, Canada

Tell It Like It: A Workshop On Facilitating Sexual Health and Wellness Education to Diverse Learners

Kirby Brigden is the Housing & Health Coordinator at Inclusion Saskatchewan. In 2021, Kirby completed her Master of Arts in Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. Her academic work has primarily focused on gender-based violence, 2SLGBTQ+ advocacy, and systemic change. Her thesis analyzed sexual violence-specific policies across Canadian universities, sparking her interest in sexual health. Kirby is a strong believer in the importance of accessible, comprehensive, and inclusive sexual health education as a key tool in harm reduction. Originally hired as the Sexual Wellness Coordinator, Kirby added the role of Housing Coordinator to her portfolio, allowing her to explore a new, challenging area of systemic need, while still applying fundamental concepts she is passionate about, such as human rights, self-determination, and person-centredness. Kirby most enjoys any opportunities to learn from and collaborate with self-advocates.

Program Description

Tell It Like It Is, is a sexual health and wellness curriculum created for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Consisting of 9 modules, the program covers a range or topics and concepts pertaining to relationships, dating, gender identity, sexual identity, personal hygiene, safer sex practices, and much more. Tell It Like It Is strives to ensure learners are receiving accurate sexuality education and the information required to support them in making informed decisions.

This workshop will first highlight the curriculum and its co-exciting resources, and will then engage attendees with several activities within the curriculum as well as tips on how to best facilitate them to diverse learners.

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