Yi Wen

Yi Wen Shao


Ontario, Canada

Promoting Sexual Health with Autistic Youth: The SIECCAN Service Provider Toolkit

Yi Wen joined SIECCAN in 2022 as a Project Coordinator. Yi Wen completed her graduate studies in public health with a focus on social and behavioural health sciences (health promotion). She oversees SIECCAN’s Enhancing Effective Sexual Health Promotion with Autistic and Disabled Youth project.

Program Description

The sexual rights of Autistic youth are enshrined in the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). However, Autistic youth often do not receive the sexual health education and services they need. Prevailing stigma and misconceptions about the sexuality of Autistic people largely underpin the lack of available, accessible, and appropriate supports for this population. This lack of education and services places Autistic youth at greater risk of abuse and negative sexual health outcomes and detracts from Autistic youths’ fundamental right to sexual expression and fulfillment.

Service providers, including educators, health and allied health professionals, and community organization staff, have indicated a need for more training and resources to promote sexual health with Autistic youth. To address this gap, SIECCAN has developed a toolkit of resources for service providers. This presentation will outline key barriers Autistic youth experience with respect to their sexual health and well-being and introduce SIECCAN’s sexual health promotion with Autistic youth toolkit.

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